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IBM Storewize V7000

To upgrade the software for IBM Storewize V7000: 

1. Check which version you can upgrade. Click here for detail. 

2. Download the correct version from here

4. Run the checksum to make sure you have the complete data package downloaded. You may use WinMD5 Free.

5. Login to GUI and follow the instruction. The "Launch Upgrade Wizard" will ask you to run the test package first to make sure that the upgrade is compatible and then the wizard will ask you to upload the actual package and upgrade. It might take about 2 hours to upgrade. 

If the file upload fails you might need to un cleardumps command for each node: 

svctask cleardumps -prefix '/home/admin/upgrade/*.*' <node name> 

replace <node name> with actual node name 

If the upload does not finish, run reset on IE.