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Top 10 Most Useful SQL Server DMVs

This link explains about top 10 most useful SQL Server DMVs.



  1. Open SQL Server Profiler (in Performance Tools)
  2. File -> New Trace...
  3. Connect to your database
  4. Click the Events Selection tab
  5. Select only events which correspond to SQL queries finishing:
    • RPC:Completed
    • SQL:BatchCompleted
  6. Click Column Filters...
  7. Click Duration in the list
  8. Expand Greater than or equal and enter the threshold time you consider "slow" in milliseconds
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Run

You can filter by ApplicationNameNTUserName, etc if you have a lot of applications running and want to cut down on noise. You can also show only some columns, e.g. just TextData and Duration.