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Manage Meeting Notices Lotus Notes

In order to keep my Inbox cleaner, I set a preference to remove meeting notices after I process them.  Now, once I respond to a meeting invitation, it gets removed from my Inbox. That way, I don't need to remove it myself, which I like :) 

However, because of this preference, if I decline a meeting and then need to go back and accept it, it can be hard to find it again. 

So, how do you find a meeting invitation that you have declined or delegated? Answer: Use the Entries and Notices view in your calendar. 

The Entries and Notices view is a list of all your calendar entries and meeting notices, including cancelled, delegated, and declined meetings. 

Open Entries and Notices, and then find your meeting. 

If you remember the name of the meeting, you can start typing the name, and a search box will come up so you can search for it: 

If you remember the chair of the meeting, you can sort by the chair column, and then start typing the chair's name, to jump to those entries immediately. 

Once you find the meeting, just open it to accept it (or do whatever else you need to do). 

FYI: To set the preference to remove meeting notices from your Inbox, click File > Preferences > Calendar and To Do, open the Display tab, and then the Notices tab. Select Remove meeting notices from my Inbox after I process 

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