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Ismaili Muslims - His Highness the Aga Khan

An Ismaili Muslim focuses on living together with other communities in peace and collaboration. 

Ismaili is a branch of Shia in Islam and has a living Imam (spiritual leader) His Highness The Aga Khan. The Aga Khan has established a development agency AKDN which mandated mainly for heath, education and culture. To know more about Ismailis browse the following links.

Aga Khan Museum

AKDN it provides information about all Aga Khan Agencies that work worldwide. 

The Ismaili it contains activities about Ismailis around the world.

Aga Khan Museum it promotes Islamic arts and cultures and is located in Toronto, Canada. 

The Institute of Ismaili Studies it promotes better understanding of Muslim culture and societies. 

Global Center for Pluralism it promotes global pluralism. 

NanoWisdoms speeches an archive of speeches, interviews, and writings of the Aga khan.